Thank you for your continued interest in the Axiom line of products. If your Axiom product is in need of being serviced, then this notice may be helpful in deciding to service your medical device always remembering that your patient safety is the priority. Prior to any repair of any expensive medical equipment, it is essential that you shop around for the service company that will provide you with the highest level of quality service using quality parts and trained personnel to ensure the safety of your patients preventing any possible injuries.

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The following are just four simple suggestions that can help to keep your patients safe:

  1. To ensure the highest level of quality service repair – Once the technician arrives at your location, advise the technician prior to performing the work you would like a review of the repair work to be performed. At the completion of your service, ask the technician to provide you with a full report of the service performed, in writing, and documentation that indicates your medical device has passed all operational tests and it is in compliance with FDA requirements. The service performed and all operational tests should be documented in writing, signed and dated by the technician, and file should be kept for each medical device in your office that requires any type of repair. This is especially helpful if you have multiple service companies repairing the same device.
  2. To ensure your service provider is using quality parts – Ask your service company if they are ISO registered and request to see the certificate. Generally a service company that is ISO registered follows the same guidelines as the FDA which means consistency in buying the same parts. Your medical device deserves quality parts; an ISO certificate helps to ensure a quality system is deriving quality parts. If the company is ISO registered, they are required to have yearly inspections that audit the purchasing standards of the parts that will be used to service your medical device.
  3. Regarding parts – some equipment servicing companies have hired engineers and vendors in their local area to remake many of the parts needed to service your machine. Additionally, if a service company claims to be “Factory Authorized” ask to see it in writing. Axiom, during its business operation in the USAdid not factory authorize any service company.
  4. To ensure your service provider has trained personnel – Prior to consenting to the repair, ask the name of the individual that will be performing the repair and request their resume. Look for prior years experience with your product, any licensing credentials, and if they are insured. If they are qualified they will not be offended to provide a list of references. Keep this with your service file; this documentation will become important if you are brought into review by your medical licensing board and they inquire of the credentials of who fixed your machine last.

While this may seem like a cumbersome process it may serve to assist in the safety of your patients in the long term. In many cases, only the Axiom International Partners may have access to original Axiom machines and parts based on their current inventory levels. The Axiom Worldwide website is being maintained for the purposes of supporting the international community.

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