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Many customers using non-surgical decompression devices in their practices have contacted me in search of clinical and marketing services not provided by industry to help make their business more successful. Some of the inquiries were about clinical training, a maintenance check up on their decompression system, educational material, marketing collateral, and service agreements. Our extensive knowledge ,years of experience in the industry, and current resources enable a team of veteran non surgical decompression experts to provide your business what you have been looking for.

We are pleased to offer a broad spectrum of additional services and product information you will be able to purchase to get the maximum ROI and patient

Technical support

  • For one yearly cost we will provide you and your staff with unlimited phone technical support. Call once twice, call twice, or call ten times in one day. We answer your unlimited questions for a one-time charge.

    Training classes

  • We will train one or 100 of your employees.
  • The training class can be tailored for your specific needs: comprehensive for beginners or a refresher course for harnessing and machine operation.

    Included in this is:

  • Cervical and lumbar guidelines, treatment protocols, pre/post treatment procedures,
  • Educational material for your patients
  • Patient education powerpoints
  • Patient treatment exercise videos and much more.

Marketing and Advertising to make your business generate revenue.

This includes:

  • Internal advertising, brochures,
  • Direct mail advertising to get people to your door – Post Cards
  • Yellow page ads,
  • Publication ads,
  • Infomercials and commercials,
    and a comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Patient testimonials –DVD
  • Posters
  • Included in this purchase is free unlimited technical support.
  • Banners
  • Research Articles and materials – ready for reprint and focusing on non-surgical decompression
    • DVD Presentation by Terry Yochum as seen in Chiropractic Economics
    • DVD Presentation by Terry Yochum
    • A unique case study utilizing the DRX9000
  • Website Design Templates – we will customize a website based upon the needs of your office and demographics. We will give you one on one personalized attention. Call for more information!